How long do tomatoes last | Best Storage Tips to keep them Fresh as Long

Tomatoes are delicious and healthy food, but when it comes to how long do tomatoes last. Is there really a time limit? Yes! The answer is 2 weeks. You can eat them up until they start getting soft or not so fresh-smelling.

Tomatoes are into the vegetable family, though it looks like a fruit. Tomatoes are juicy red and full of nutrition, the vegetable everyone would like to eat. They’re the main ingredient for salads, sandwiches, and many different types of pasta dishes.

How long do tomatoes last?

sometimes it happens we go to the market, and we get too many tomatoes,

As we found them so cheap, after returning home, we think to store them properly as they should long last as they are too much in amount.

The first question that comes to mind that How long do tomatoes last? Suppose we store them properly and take care of them. In that case, their life increases. As they are juicy, the chances of spoiling them quickly are more so if we know how to store tomatoes, we can keep them or store them in the standard way to increase their shelf life.

Have you ever heard that keeping tomatoes in the fridge is not a good idea? Are? You must be wondering that whether it’s correct or not? Perhaps that’s one of the things people say and not actual.

Tomatoes of all different types have just about the same shelf life. Suppose the tomatoes are fresh and just brought, considering they were a vendor’s place for few days. In that case, you can expect tomatoes can last for a 1 week if they are just outside the Refrigerator. And kept at the sideboard of the kitchen.

Suppose you want to increase the shelf life of your Tomatoes. In that case, you can keep them in the Refrigerator , which increases tomatoes’ life. And will go on last two weeks.

Finally, this is food and will spoil one day even though you kept it in the fridge so you should not try after two weeks as its too old to eat and would have health problems risk.

The things will be different if you brought the Canned Tomatoes and did not use them for a while as it’s sealed. Have you had any idea how long do canned tomatoes last?

The canned Tomatoes can last from 12 to 18 months, surprisingly as it’s unopened and sealed.

The fact changes when the canned tomatoes open up, so you should use all the canned tomatoes as quickly as possible, as this will last only 7 days from you open the can.

Finally, As the Tomatoes nature, they spoil fast. They are already pressed and canned, so the amount of time they last decrease significantly after opening the can.

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    Room Temperature


  Unripe tomatoes

  2-7 days

      30 days

  Ripe tomatoes

  3-4 days

      7-10 days

  Cherry tomatoes

  4-6 days

      7-14 days

How long do tomatoes last in the fridge?

Are you wondering how long tomatoes can be kept in a freezer before they spoil? Read this article to find out.

Here is the way to store the tomatoes if you have too many Tomatoes in your house. To preserve them for a long time, please keep them in the RefrigeratorRefrigerator.

Whenever you have too many tomatoes, please keep them in a refrigerator if you want your tomatoes to last for about 10 days and want them to be fresh as much as you can.

If tomatoes are older than two weeks, it is not advisable to eat, as they are likely to get sick.

Ripe Tomatoes that you can not use immediately that has to go inside the fridge. Doing so will delay or will stop ripening.


I have read somewhere about the tomatoes use that some experts said that if the Tomatoes are inside the RefrigeratorRefrigerator, you should remove them just 24 hrs before you use them, which will help restore any missing taste during the cooling process.

The Tomatoes are unripe. Please place them in the cabinet until usage.

Tomatoes are not just a vegetable however act as a surprising amount of flavour to all dishes over the kitchen. There are different uses of Tomatoes in the kitchen, like sauce, juices etc., to make a difference in the regular meal.

Because of this quality, this makes sense to keep some extra Tomatoes in the fridge or on the sideboard of the kitchen. That is why you should know whats is the shelf life of Tomatoes and how long do Tomatoes last in the fridge.

Because of this, it makes sense that you get to bring too many Tomatoes at a time, and you don’t mind hanging them in the fridge.

However, you should know the process of storing tomatoes in the fridge too long last.

Shelf Life of Tomatoes in the Freezer

We might have heard that Tomatoes can not be kept in Freezer; however, that’s not the fact, Tomatoes are very easy to keep in the freeze, and then they can last for up to 3 months in the Freezer. After following the standard storing process, they can last up to 6 months; however, they start to decay or deteriorate after that. Consistency is the most crucial factor. Hence if tomatoes are continuously frozen at 0°F are healthy forever.

If you have fresh Tomatoes more than your requirement, then straight away you can keep them in the freeze to increase their shelf life.

Before freezing them, a straightforward trick you should use is to wash and dry the vegetables first for them not to stick with each other. Arrange them on a tray before placing them into the Freezer. Make sure that no pieces are touching, or else they will freeze stuck together when placed inside your container later! When frozen completely, transfer them to a freezer bag.

Though the freezing technique increases the shelf life of tomatoes, they loosen the skin, so to make it simple, remove them.

When we talk about freezing them and keeping them in the RefrigeratorRefrigerator, when we talk about storing Tomatoes standard process, we should know what they are and the appropriate storing process.

How to store tomatoes properly to extend their shelf life?

When you Bring Tomatoes from the market and are fresh, you can keep them at room temperature. When tomatoes start decaying, they start rotting. You can keep them in the RefrigeratorRefrigerator or leave them on the counter. The option you choose depends upon how long do tomatoes last.

You might have heard before that tomatoes can not keep in the RefrigeratorRefrigerator, or we can’t refrigerate them. Still, in actual that’s not the case. Suppose you correctly follow the freezing standards or protocol of storing tomatoes that can last long in the RefrigeratorRefrigerator. In that case, it will retain the quality of tomatoes.

Then, in this case, let your tomatoes ripen on the counter and then place them in the fridge.

How To Store Unripe Tomatoes (immature tomatoes)

You will have to remove the stems and store them at room temperature, and they should not come into direct sunlight. So they can last up to 2-7 days or until they are ripe, and Storing tomatoes in the fridge can help them last up to 30 days.

Once the tomatoes are Riped, they become full-colour and yield a bit under gentle pressure. Then you can leave them on the counter or refrigerate them.

When we say appropriate storage, you should choose a cold pantry or any other spot in the kitchen that is a bit colder than room temperature. But it should be warmer than the fridge, which extends the life of tomatoes.

There is still a question of whether you should keep them from stem end up or down. However, it doesn’t make any difference. So don’t worry!

When you have immature or unripe tomatoes, you do not keep them in direct sunlight.

If you do so, like keeping unripe tomatoes in direct sunlight, ripening will happen unevenly. We should avoid that.

How To Store Ripe Tomatoes (edible tomatoes)

You know an exciting fact if you take a plastic bag with some holes or is half-open, then this kind of freezer bag works well. The cherry Tomatoes are soft already, so if you keep them in a plastic bag with holes, it will make them long last.

This kind of Packaging keeps as much moisture in as possible. But also allows the fruit to remove excess moisture. If there is no moisture in, then tomatoes lose water quickly. And then become soft and wrinkly.

Suppose you have kept ripped Tomatoes at room temperature on the counter. In that case, you will have to keep watching tomatoes whether they are in cool temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Keep on watching that they are not going wrong and not gone soften.

Still, if you want to refrigerate them while keeping them, make sure that the container allows them to breathe.

I have told you the time it will long last are just rough estimates. How long your will last depends on many other conditions, sometimes those conditions you have no control over.

Take a small tour on the following table to keep tomatoes as long as possible.


How To Tell If Your Tomatoes Have Gone Bad?

It would help if you threw out the Tomatoes when they are as follows:

There are many things that can go wrong with tomatoes if they aren’t stored properly, and you don’t want to end up eating a spoiled tomato. Follow these tips for storing your fresh tomatoes so you know how long do tomatoes last.

here’s mold-

The moment a tomato starts growing mold, it is no longer safe to eat. The signs of soft and liquid are clear indicators that your tomatoes have gone bad for good! Throw them in the compost pile or trash can right away so they don’t contaminate any other produce you might have on hand.

They’re leaking liquid or are super soft and wrinkly-

A good sign that your tomatoes are ready to harvest is when they start leaking liquid. These ripe and juicy tomatoes will be a fantastic addition in any recipe you may have cooking- wait until the end of their life cycle so that it does not go to waste!

They smell off-

if tomatoes smell off then you should dont use it bczo it is over ripe and leaking liquid so dont use that tomatoes they will waste your delicious dish.

skin softening-

Tomatoes will start to feel softer after a few days. It is hard to notice this at first because tomatoes are soft vegetables, but if you give them a gentle squeeze when you buy or harvest them for the first time it should be noticeable right away as they have some spots that are already starting to soften and ripen faster than others.

Frequently Asked Question –

1.How long does a cut tomato last?

If you left out with cut tomato, immediately keep it in an airtight container or zip-top bag in the Refrigerator. Then it will last for 2-3 days. long do canned tomatoes last

If appropriately stored, chopped fresh tomatoes will last for 3 to 4 days in the Refrigerator.

3. How long do cooked tomatoes last in the fridge?

Roasted Tomatoes are left out. Then you can keep them in the RefrigeratorRefrigerator in an airtight container then it will last for 1-2 weeks.

4. How long do cherry tomatoes last?

You have to keep cherry or grape tomatoes ideally at to degrees with a relative humidity of 95 %. In these conditions, it will last up to 10 days.

5.How long do sun-dried tomatoes last

Three days tentatively Refrigerate any unconsumed fully ripe tomatoes but allow them to come to room temperature before serving them.

6. how long do frozen tomatoes last in the fridge?

Frozen Tomatoes can be stored for up to 6 months only if you keep them in an airtight container. Once frozen, tomatoes can be stored for up to six months as long as they are in airtight containment. 


Final thoughts “How long do tomatoes last” –

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables all over the world. Many people don’t know that they last for a maximum of 2 weeks if stored correctly and at room temperature. When purchasing tomatoes, it is essential to make sure that they do not have any cuts or scrapes on them, as this will cause tomato bacteria to enter the fruit’s flesh. Do you know how to store them? If not, read on!

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