Best essential oils for dry Feet and cracked heels in 2022

Have you came across the problem of cracked heels and suffered a lot of pain then we will see what are essential oils for Dry feet, causes, remedies in this article.
Friends when people are very much cautious about their looks these days, they take care of their face, hairs hands to look good,

but sometimes they forget to take care of their feet as it is also a part of your look, not only it’s a matter of looks but it is the matter of your health too.
Let’s learn first what causes the Cracked Heels and  best essential oils for dry feet,

What causes cracked heels or dry feet?

  • standing for a long time.
  • walking around barefoot, or with open-back sandals.
    taking long, hot showers.
  • using harsh soaps that can strip your skin of natural oils.
  • shoes that don’t fit properly or support your heels.
  • dry skin due to climate, such as cold temperatures or low humidity.

If you are one of them who come into the above category then soon you will be facing the issue of the cracked heel or you are already facing it.

Symptoms of Cracked Heels

Any of the following could be signs that you have heel fissures:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Dry, hard, thickened skin
  • Redness
  • Flaky patches
  • Peeling skin
  • Discharge (particularly in the area of cracking)
  • Bleeding

One by one we will go for best essential oils for Cracked heels to have smooth heels.

Essential oil to remove dead skin from feet

Massage with different needed oils to dry feet will help you to make your skin healthy and smooth, but before that, you have to remove dead skin from your feet or heels

What is Dead Skin on foot?

Dead Skin is the process that happens when the outer layer of the skin, or epidermis, sheds dead cells and replaces them with new ones.

To prepare homemade scrub to remove dry skin you will be required the following ingredients

  • Baking & spices
  • 1 cup Salt
  • Oils & vinegar
  • 1/4 cup Coconut oil
  • 15 drops Peppermint essential oil

Mix all the ingredients well and massage the same to your feet, if you do it regularly, your feet skin will remove all dead skin and will smoothen your skin

Best essential oils for cracked feet –

Carrier oils are made from plants and these oils act as a base oil to carry or to dilute the essential oils, which carry on our skin.

We can not use essential oils directly on the skin as they can harm directly our skin. some carrier oils are fragrance-free and they don’t get affected because of essential oils’ properties. They can be used alone too to polish your skin.

Best essential oils for dry Feet and cracked heels

There are certain criteria to select or to go best essential oils  for your Skin –

Smell: You should choose odourless or lightly smelled carrier oil to maintain the aroma of essential oils.

Absorption : choosing the way it absorbs would be great for your skin as some carrier oils may absorb in your skin than any other.

Skin type : you should be very careful to choose by skin type as some oils may damage or irritational itching to your skin if it doesn’t suit.

Shelf life : looking into storing period, you can use carrier oils for a longer time.

Let’s have a look at different oils that can be used for carrier oil for dry skin, dry feet, or cracked heels too.

argan oil – Argan oil provides a good source of linoleic and oleic fatty acids. it also known to support good health. It also boosts high levels of vitamin E.

almond oil – They are very rich in fat, making them a perfect source of oil. Almond oil is an excellent source of vitamin E and contains a small amount of vitamin K.

rosehip oil – They can reduce scar, hyperpigmentation. you can use it daily for better result on your skin fast.

coconut oil – it full of vitamin E, coconut oil can be used as a traditional moisturizer. Because it is full of fatty acids, it acts as a sort of barrier on the skin, keeping moisture locked in. It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal, helping to protect skin (especially helpful during those harsh winter months).

Coconut oil for dry feet

Coconut oil has good quality to moisturize the skin this oil has several benefits and can be the essential oil for feet
It hydrates the skin it gives the moisture content
It helps to guard your skin
It makes your skin smooth.
Coconut oil minimizes the chances of irregular surfaces and wrinkles.
It calms temporary redness.
It provides antioxidants.
It absorbs easily.
It’s a great base for exfoliants.

It helps you smooth your skin remove the dead skin off your heels and look better without harming your skin. So it is also known as the best essential oil for dry feet

Best essential oils for dry Feet and cracked heels

Tea tree oil for cracked heels

The Tea tree oil can be used as an antiseptic as it gives better results than any other oil. this is best for dry feet so let’s see ‘ Teа Tree Oil for Dry Feet’.
it is five times stronger than the alcohol effect. Tea tree has more than 48 ingredients, boosting your immunity and keeping you away from several diseases. Tea tree oil prevents the growth of bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci, gonococci, Escherichia coli, and fungal flora.
Actually, we don’t usually think of using oil on the skin however if you go for Tea tree oil it will prevent you from Dry skin, itching, and any other side effects. So it’s the best oil to use for.

Best Nautural Essential oil foot soak

There is a homemade remedy to prepare for a soak with essential oil which is an essential oil for feet
As there is a huge problem of cracked heels nowadays in people due to putting on their weight, we will see the essential oil foot soak for cracked heels too.

Essential oil for foot soaks for cracked heels and dry skin is the same and how to prepare it will look into this paragraph.

Please take Epsom salt with 5-20 drops of essential oil like coconut oil, peppermint lavender, or rosemary;

you can use any of this oil.
6 tablespoon oil required
If you mix it and stir well your foot soak essential oil is ready

Just to summarize following are the best essential oils for dry feet
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
German Chamomile Essential Oil

These are the best essential oil for dry skin as well as a foot soak

Essential oils foot soak for dry skin

There are too many natural ingredients at our home, by which we can make a good soak for your dry skin.

  • Epsom salt is the most important ingredient and easily available too for a homemade foot soak, these help to softens skin helps to detoxify and relaxes tired muscles.
  • Baking Soda works great for dry, cracked heels and perfectly works at the foot to make it moist.
  • Vinegar can be used to soften the dead, rough and foot skin. The smell of the vinegar is not so pleasant but its use is amazing to use as a detox foot soak.  Since Vinegar has antifungal properties, it gives good results in antifungal issues.
  • Lemon can be used as an astringent which helps to soften the skin. Lemon also has anti-fungal properties so it is great to use on anything for the feet.
  • A variety of different essential oils can be used in foot soaks.
    • The lemon essential oil can be used in place of fresh lemon.
    • Tea tree is great for feet because it has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

What is the Best Homemade foot soak?

I mentioned different types of food ingredients by using which we will make some recipes to make a foot soak.
There are lots of great ways to do an at-home foot soak. I’ve included recipes for 3 of my favourites with essential oils for dry feet:

An Epsom salt foot soak not only softens the skin but also relaxes muscles and helps detoxify the body. Epsom salt is the perfect choice for a pre-bed relaxing foot bath.

A Homemade apple cider vinegar foot soak is great to detoxify as well as soften skin. This one packs a strong essential oil punch and has nourishing oil included.

Baking soda and fresh lemon juice are unlikely combinations that make for an astringent foot soak with anti-fungal properties.

Essential oils foot soak for cracked heels

One part of white vinegar, when mixed with two parts of warm water, can be used as a soak for the feet. You can use a pumice stone to scrub the dead skin after soaking for 20-25 minutes. Mixing white vinegar with curd creates a solution that removes dead skin while filling in the cracks.

How to Use essential oils for dry feet

To apply these essential oils for dry feet pour a few drops into a carrier oil like argan oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, or coconut as mentioned in the carrier oil Para. Take the oil in your palm and massage it directly onto your heels. You can also add a few drops of essential oil into your natural foot soak to help soothe and heal your dry, cracked skin.
I hope you would like this article to take care of your feet. So happy feet and happy heels.!!!

Best essential oils for dry Feet and cracked heels

FAQ (How to Heal cracked heels and Dry Foot)

1. How do I get rid of thick dead skin on my feet?

To get rid of thick dead skin you should follow the below-mentioned steps (essential oils for dry feet):

  1.  soaking feet in warm water will soften the dead skin.
  2.  wet the pumice stone or foot file with warm water.
  3.  gently rub the pumice stone or foot file on the skin where you find dead skin or callus.
  4.  Rinse the dead skin out of the feet.
  5. Make your feet’ skin dry with a towel.

2. What essential oils is good for peeling feet?

Actually, Lemon essential oil is generally made up of the peel of lemon. Lemon essential oil is antifungal, anti-microbial and has strong antioxidants.

It’s also refreshing. Lemon oil is photosensitive so you should not expose your skin to the sun.

3. What essential oils removes dead skin?

Actually, Lemon oil is also known as excess oil removal and dead skin removal, it removes dead skin from your face. it can act as a truly amazing and reinvigorating facial cleanser. if you can add this essential oil to your morning skincare routine. then it will give you amazing results.

4. Which oil is best essential oils for dry feet

as far as our feet softness is a concern any oil makes it soft as the oil itself has the moisturizing quality.

however, as mentioned above in the article there are different oil suits for feet to soften and clean the feet. if you want to massage and do oiling to your feet. it will just take 5- 10 minutes. which gives fantastic results. especially when you use sesame oil. sesame oil itself has a warming quality hence it reduces muscle pain. we can also use it when there is winter just to warm the feet, as winter  makes feet cold

Oiling and massaging the feet doesn’t take more than five to eight minutes and the results are fantastic, especially when done with sesame oil. Sesame oil has a warming effect that, in turn, helps in reducing muscle pain. It also works wonders during winters when the feet are often cold.

5. Is baby oil good for your feet?

As baby oil is made for baby skins, it’s obviously soft .so It helps to protect cracked heels. Actually, baby oil contains Vitamin E, which has restorative and repairing properties. cracked heels required both things and it makes an inexpensive remedy for cracked oils. baby oil is what will help keep the feet moisturized.

6. Why is essential oils bad for dry feet skin?

Sometimes people avoid applying oil on the skin as it may give side effects like allergies and all. I have read somewhere that some oils are riskier than any other oil.

 Citrus oils, including lemon, orange and bergamot, are particularly dangerous, as they can be phototoxic which means they can react with UV rays light and can cause the skin to burn and blister.

7.Should you avoid essential oils in skincare?

As in the whole article using essential oils for skincare is not a good option as some of the oils may harm the skin due to allergy.
 Also extremely problematic are mint oils such as peppermint, wintergreen, pennyroyal, and balm mint. In a similar vein, avoid camphor oil, which is a potent irritant.